Rendered Insulation System

External Wall Insulation – Turning an old building into a new building

  • The benefits of external wall insulation to the client:
  • Reduces heat loss and saves energy bills
  • Cuts down the harmful carbon emissions
  • Prolongs the life of the building
  • Eliminates the need for frequent painting
  • Improve home’s
  • 10 year guarantee

Insulated buildings provide a two ‘skin’ gap between the walls which act as an air barrier to reduce heat loss. Old buildings were built using solid walls and do not have this gap and as a result means buildings can be both cold and damp.

Rendered Insulation System Rendered Insulation System Rendered Insulation System

Example of an Insulated Render System is the external wall insulation carried out at St Columba’s High School Gourock. This latest project, completed on June 2013 in Greenock illustrates our craftsmanship. This old building was in poor condition and transformed into a modern secondary school.